Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whirlwind Tour

The last of my promises during my title year have been fulfilled. With the count down being 2 weeks until my step-down I was cutting it close. I was asked about 10 months ago by Lady Meri to teach my HAWK class (Health Awareness Within Kink) for a group called Life in Nassau. What an amazing group it is! Many of them volunteered for Philadelphia Leather Pride Night... yes they came to Philly to help me last Nov and even more of them had volunteered for The Floating World. Events big and small you can see their membership.
As the life of this Cowboi would have it I just can't do one thing when I travel so the last 2 days were stacked. It started with me doing something quite unusual and I took the bus to NYC.... yes bus... they offer free Wi-Fi and I could use the extra time to work on my major project. Upon arrival a very good friend picked me up and off we went to stop #1.... the MET... not baseball as those who know me would think.. but the Metropolitan Opera House. Another friend has set up a backstage tour for us. What can I say but WOW... it was amazing. To see the in's and out's of how the productions happen and somehow the building is bigger on the inside then it is on the outside. The tour was well over 2 hours with one of the highlights being holding a flaming sword... fire play to the extreme!
From the MET we drove to Long Island to the Life in Nassau group. I designed the class to be interactive and work off of participation. I can not thank the group enough for helping support my travel fund for IMsL. They made me promise to come back if I win... or not... smiles.
Back to the big city for us and stopping by a party called IMPACT thrown by the New York Fetish Tribe. As we walked into the door I was accosted by a friend and saw many more inside. I didn't realize just how many people I would know there. My purpose for going was to have my boots done. Luna who is running for International Ms Bootblack was there and this was a fundraiser for her travel fund. Luna and I share common interests and one VERY special woman and I wouldn't miss an opportunity to help in any way I can. Overnight in the big city and a lazy day filled with friendship and laughter until the bus ride from hell home...... next time Amtrak!
One last stop on my whirlwind day and that was to Pergatory...Stern style. It was one of the largest groups I had seen yet at the Adobe. I sold the 50/50 tickets in ways that had people lined up for the boots to hummmmm. The guys were loving me on my knee's and I learned who my secret fet-stalker is...grins.
Today 3 things in 3 different states... thinking to myself I am supposed to be winding down.. not winding up. I look forward to being surrounded by friends and those I call family.

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