Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its February Already???

This winter is flying by. I am just now coming down from my high in November. My schedule is not as bad as usual and I have found time at home to take care of my local community. The other week was Marvelous Masquerade. It was a women's party at the Playhouse benefiting the next Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman who will be chosen at the CLAP weekend end of March. (Chesapeake Leather and Pride) Marvelous Mayhem is an amazing company and they have donated a custom vest to the next title holder. I can not thank them enough for supporting our community!

After PLPN I went back to Canada for a long weekend for rodeo convention. 18 years now I've been a competing member and like to stay on top of rule changes and always being around friends. I am finding it easier to get around Toronto. What a great city. Greater yet is Northbound Leather. I am officially a Northbound Slut as more then half of my leathers have their name on it. This trip in particular was meaningful. I was having a custom title vest made. It is a piece of art and it literally changed the way I stand. My friends also think I've grown an inch or two. Pride can be a great thing and with the success of my title year fundraiser I feel I have earned the right to wear a piece like this one. I have made what is hopefully lifelong friends and a company that I am proud to be affiliated with.

The rest of November flew by ending with Santa Saturday, a fundraiser that is 35 years strong hosted by the Bucks MC. Other events were Nov 21st - Leather Day of Caring at the Bike Stop - remembering Mr Marcus, that night was Diabolique where thousands of dollars was raised for the Leather Heart Foundation, and Nov 29th Just Play in Baltimore.

In December I gave up most of my holidays and free time to catch up on some bills. 92 hours overtime between Thansgiving and Christmas. The only event I ventured out too was 12 Days Produced by Hooker & Boys in Baltimore Maryland. I have tried going to 12 Days in the past but I was always pulled somewhere else. This year I was not going to miss it and I was thrilled to be there!

January was MAL weekend in Washington DC. This is just an amazing event and I liked the new location for the leather cocktails especially since its the same venue that the rodeo used for its host hotel. I was home! The women's play party on Saturday night rocked. I rarely get to go out and play and I took advantage of the situation. Kid in a candy store and yes... I was a pig. 3 totally different scenes from Topping to bottoming to a hot sexy bootblack...yummmm. My mind and soul were flying all over the place and I was quite confused on the drop. It was good to be in women's space again like that and it opened me up to want more more more.

February was my last play party/fundraiser for my title year. I normally am the one sitting in the social area making sure everyone else is having a good time forgetting about myself. This time was different. Cowboi got greedy. I had a special guest for the weekend and we took advantage of every single second that we could. I am still in awe that she, who could have anybody, hopped on a plane to spend time with me.. and let me tell you.. she had me in many many many ways...grins. One of my friends played the Cowboi stunt double for the night and for that I will forever be grateful. It doesn't even hit me that my friends need to see me having fun too. Yes I take things seriously but since November I am much more relaxed. For years I have felt like I had to earn every little thing in my life. I'm there and though I will always continue being me I am a much happier me and have found a level of self peace that I have never felt before.

Now I leave for Dallas in 4 days to South Plains Leatherfest to support Master Steve and slave tami our Northeast Master/slave team as they compete for their International title. It is my first time at South Plains and I am VERY excited. I am looking forward to attending many of the M/s track class's. When I get home from there I actually will be home for an entire month (exception being teaching in Long Island NY for Life in Nassau). That month will give me time to finish getting ready for IMsL. My step down is March 27th then 2 weeks later off to San Francisco. The time inbetween will be spent at home resting and keeping myself as health as possible. I have learned that stress can get me sick so I will have none of it and there are dozens of friends that will tie me down if necessary. That I need as well as a good kick in the ass sometimes.