Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the road to IMsL... thank you my friends

The bags are packed and I am out the door. I wanted to make sure I said thank you to our community before I left. The outpouring of support has been mind boggling. From the 50/50's to the Philadelphia Leather Pride Night drawing.... snow angel pics to an amazing send off. I feel the love my friends... I feel the love. The raffle winner was pulled on Saturday night at the Adobe by Stern while surrounded by friends. The winner is Leah out of NYC and a long time member of LSM. She has been notified and will be coming to PLPN to feel the love in OUR city. I wanted to do a quick shout out to the following for helping me along the way.... Thomas with the Black Phoenix Blonde for sacrificing her hinny Stern and Miss James for EVERYTHING that you do Steve, tami and the NDDs - Bootcamp - MAsT: Wilmington DE groups Lady Meri and Life in Nassau Boyd Amy and the Triad Munch for amazing fundraising Charles and Passion Thorne for the paddle raffle skinny nick for believing in everything that I do Shy Butch for getting word out about the snow angel fundraiser (hide the pics) Mitch and Mary love you guys To the 27 women who wrote original stories for my IMsL auction basket as well as Miss James again for doing the most amazing custom book binding. The Bike Stop for welcoming our community Brian Dottie and NeedlePlay designs for helping me every step of the way and putting the hot... back in hotwear Kali with Passional Boutique Northbound Leather for their sponsorship and amazing leather work. The women who helped me prepare for this next step. I am quite humbled to have each of you trust that I will be a good representative of our women's leather community. Khiki and jez for just... just... wow... there aren't words that can express my thank you enough. There are a ton of other people I could thank.... To everyone that showed up to the Friends in Low Places send off party and last but not least.... to my girl for helping me see what you see in me... I am very happy that you will be joining me in California. Thank you all for believing in me once again. I hope to make each of you proud. Cowboi Jen Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2009 Producer Philadelphia Leather Pride Night 2010 but most of all your friend

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