Friday, November 13, 2009

The final numbers!

Its amazing what can happen when a community works together as one. The Board of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night is proud to announce the following numbers going to charity.

From us to The Leather Archives and Museum... $8755

This amount was raised from the door and also every single penny of the live auction which brought in $5815 thanks to Jo Arnone and the companies, events, groups and individuals that donated auction items making it such a huge success.

From us to The Leather Heart Foundation... $1348

This amount was raised through the silent auction which was made possible and successful due to Master Steve and slave tami with their army of volunteers. Thank you to the companies, events, groups and individuals that donated auction items. Special thank you also to slave kelly for donating her water color "Illumination".

From us to By the Grace of George... $595

This amount was raised by the raffle ticket sales during the event. Special thank you to all the volunteers who stepped forward to help run the raffle table and sell the tickets. Also special thanks to the companies, groups and individuals who donated items for the raffle table.

Total monies donated to charity... $10,698

Thank you to the communities that made all of this possible. If we can work that well together for one night then we should be able to do so every night.
The coordinators and volunteers were an essential part of the night as well as our EmCee Jill Carter and speakers Ms Pandora and Ms Khiki. We had over 100 volunteers from at least 9 different states and countless groups and communities. Several flew to Philadelphia to help out, some drove here right after a major leather event in Baltimore and there were those behind the scenes like Jez who gave countless hours of her precious time to make sure our web site stayed up to date, Remi who shinned while keeping the night moving, Mistress Dee from Hellfire and Kat with our friends who raised most of the seed money. The entire staff of PLPN was just amazing! If you see one of our volunteers or coordinators out and about please thank them for helping make this event happen and also for believing.

Rick from the Leather Archives and Museum drove the LA&M display to Philadelphia all the way from Chicago. It was wonderful having him and the display here and for them to bring so much of our history home for a weekend. Add in the Peek-a-Boo Review, who donated their segment of the entertainment, the Bike Stop for the after party in town and Dottie who stayed behind at the hotel to make sure we had an amazing Leather Flea the next day. It was our friends and our community that made the entire weekend happen. My hat off to each of you!

I am proud to be from Philadelphia and a part of this historical event.
I am prouder yet to be part of not just the leather community but so many others that were represented.

Cowboi Jen
Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2009
Producer Philadelphia Leather Pride Night

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