Thursday, October 8, 2009

October is just getting started....

October is a month spent at home… well more time at home then normal. So far I have only taken 13 days off of work since I won my title. Work has yet to see what is coming up…. Send off party on the 10th for Sir Ky, boy eddie and Brandon. They are all competing at the International Leather Sir/boy/community bootblack competition on San Francisco and I will be there!!! I am very excited about this trip. I have leather family in the bay area that I will get to see, tons of friends that will be at the weekend but most important I will finally get to spend some quality time with my Canadian friend that I am courting. I look forward to her getting to know me… to me letting my guard down and trusting. I am scared to do this but if I am ever to find personal happiness I have to open up. So we will be spending a couple extra days and going to the redwood forest. A walk in the woods will do my soul some good and no matter the outcome I will always have a Canadian friend who means the world to me and I will be a better person for it.

I think the biggest lesson I have learned these past couple of months is trust. I am learning to trust people again. Novel idea. I trust my board to pull together the fundraiser while I am gone for the week. I trust my namesake to be me and girl go fix it will be arriving in Philly the same time I get off the plane from California. It seems everyone is pulling their weight and it is coming together. I believe…..

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