Saturday, October 3, 2009

June's Adventures

June is Pride central and I never had so much fun attending events.

The month started with NJ Foreplay then Asbury Pride. I headed to NYC for another fun weekend. Friday night started with a LSM class taught by Lady Sabrina on spanking then that night led me to the NE Leather Sir/boy competition at the Eagle. On Saturday I taught a class at the Center for DM'ing and Dungeon Safety. Later that night was LPN. Leather Pride Night is close to my heart and I have attended every year since 2001. I presented several items on stage. I was proud to be up there as a title holder. On Sunday Folsom Street East was a wow... the things that get caught on camera... The LSM party that followed....

I do think it would be illegal to show a single picture from
At the end of the month my local community threw a send off part for me... its time to compete for the American Leather Woman Title...

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