Saturday, October 3, 2009

July's Adventure

July started off with a bang. July 4th I got to witness the Phillies beat the Mets..yet once again. As a reward an unexpected guest surprised me and we had quite the evening. Later that night I was called to help a friend out and woke up for the first time in years. It was time I learned to let people in.
Several days later was the great American road trip to New Orleans. Only 6 weeks after winning my Mid-Atlantic Title I was on my way to the American Brotherhood Weekend to compete for the title of American Leather Woman. I decided to take some time to reflect and drive down to NOLA, stopping in the Great Smokey Mountains on the way. What a beautiful sight they are and I stayed at a hotel on top of one of the mountains. The view was breathtaking.
That weekend wound up being a trial of pure willpower. I was hit full force with the flu on the 2nd day of the drive down and wound up twice at an Urgent Care Facility. I gave 100% of what I had to give. The people I met were worth it all. A certain bootblack has wiggled her way into my life and I am blessed to call her friend. Girl go fix it… and she did…

I am damn proud to have finished what I started and came back home with my current title. The winner is a wonderful woman named Dakota out of Myrtle Beach S.C. I look forward to our paths crossing several times later on this year. I came home from New Orleans a sick cowboi and took some time to rest up and gear up for the upcoming Liberty Stampede.

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