Sunday, September 13, 2009

History, Part 2

In 2000 a friend of mine invited me to a private party. She had a hard time explaining to me just what kind of party it was. It was a birthday party for an Owned submissive and was filled with leather women. Damn if I didn't find my way back home. I finally found the piece of me that had always existed but never had a name.

I continued to rodeo but now started venturing out publicly. I became a member of our local play space and found my way to NYC. I was now going full steam in my new journey. One of the better events was the Summer of 2001 in Provincetown Mass. A group had rented out an entire hotel for a women's leather weekend. I am friends with most of the attendees to this day. It is also where I met a woman that eventually would help save my life. Then Sept 11th happened. I wound up going to NYC the week after and became one of the workers there. It was an experience I will never ever EVER forget. While in NYC I was brought to an LSM event. Who were these women? They were the Lesbian Sex Mafia of I also had no idea it was their 20th anniversary weekend. I just found that out while reading up on their history.

Tragedy then struck my life. Nov 4th, 2001 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had Hodgkins disease which is normally very curable but in my case I was very sick and was stage 4b with bone marrow involvement. One of the women I had met at the P-Town weekend was a medic who was out on disability for an arm injury. Her Owner sent her to me to take care of me. We formed our own relationship. I fought like hell and am still fighting to this day. I fired every doctor that said I was terminal until I found the one that saved my life. 16 treatments of chemo and a stem cell transplant and I have been in continuous remission since January of 2003.
Since remission I have been on a mission to live. Life has brought me to numerous events across the country including a fantasy week revolving around the Folsom Street Fair.

This blog is about my current adventures.... the Adventures of a Cowboi.

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